Heights Telecom offer innovative gateways with open platform base containers, to add new services, based on this technology, service providers can differentiate their offering and create new revenues.

Heights Telecom provides an orchestration system for services & containers management which allows to launch services in rapidly TTM and unified management of all cloud services



Home network devices


WiFi Clients


Connected home devices



Service providers are looking for increasing ARPU and creating costumer stickiness are rapidly developing container-based routers for adding new services in short period of TTM. In order to manage these containers &services and create service activation, an orchestration system is required.


Heights’s software is based on container, which allows easy integration for 3rd party application. One software platform supporting all different Heights-Telecom HW platforms: DSL and Fiber.

Custom CPE

Heights Telecom develops a innovative and custom DSL and Fiber gateways according to operator demand with cost effective price. Heights DSL/Fiber gateways meet all customer requirements and type of home network needs.

WiFi EasyMesh Extender

EasyMesh WiFi extenders delivers fast and reliable WiFi to everyone and anywhere in the home. Heights ERO1 family products can ensure an end-to-end high-quality wifi experience for customers. The EasyMesh controller function is part of the GW and up to four WiFi EasyMesh extenders can be connected to it.


A multi layered cybersecurity technology which protect your home environment, powered by SAM a security company. SAM tackles cyber security threats at the source by securing the network gateway. It protects communications between IoT devices at the access point to ensure a safe and secure connected home.

Home Connect

Upgrade your home with easy control and intelligent automation (powered by ALARM.COM company) through a central GW and single APP. A smart hub (ZWAVE/Zigbee) is built into the GW and the service can establish with a first IoT device connection. This service can open new revenue opportunities for the operator.

Cloud NAS

Cloud NAS is a modern, unified, distributed cloud NAS platform designed for high performance, reliability, secure and rich features. Cloud NAS enables service providers to provide their customers with better control and automatically backup and restore over their data, ensuring compliance, security, and instant availability with rich features wherever there are.

Advanced QoS

Smart QoS Improving customer satisfaction with smart QoS per APP flow per Device. Smart QoS resolves traffic congestion when the Internet bandwidth is limited, and there are different demands compete for the home bandwidth.


Using Artificial Intelligence, dynamic 24/7 monitoring and active enhancement of user experience, our service delivers uninterrupted use of connected-home devices. It assures smooth streaming of video, music and gaming by proactively prioritizing streams and eliminating interference.

Gadi Malka

CEO of Heights telecom

Gadi Malka is the CEO and Co-founder of Heights telecom, with an Engineering degree in electronics and MBA.

Over 20 year’s experience in telecom with executive roles with Nortel in the USA and Latin America.

In last 10 years as the CEO of Heights telecom Gadi Malka managed the products and SW strategy of the company and the business relations with telecom operators and partners.

Yariv Bargil


Yariv is a technological leader with 20+ years of extensive experience in telecom area.

In recent years, Yariv held key positions in Bezeq, as Director of Services and Products Development and Manager of Customer Premises Equipment department at Bezeq’s Engineering Division.

Hamid Lou

China Branch Director

Luo currently serves as our China Branch Director, in charge of Project management and R&D management.

Prior to Heights Telecom, Luo served as regional project director and regional sales director in the top 1st CPE OEM/ODM manufacturer in China for more than 8 years.