Homes today are becoming more connected. From smart TVs and lightbulbs to baby monitors and thermostats.

These devices aim to improve our daily lives.

However, a variety of fragmented devices connected to a single network means an easy and obvious target for hackers.

SAM tackles cyber security threats at the source by securing the network gateway. It protects communications between IoT devices at the access point to ensure a safe and secure connected home.

Router Protection

Detects and actively addresses ongoing threats to the router’s core services and firmware. The router protection layer implements Hot patching, Deception & Router monitoring amongst other modules.

Safe Browsing

Real time secure browsing filter which blocks the loading of any resource from blacklisted domains. The module incorporates advanced caching methods to reduce network overhead while not compromising the reliability of the filtering.

Device Fingerprinting & Dynamic Policy

Uses AI to identify all the different IoT devices connected to the network. For each device, crate dynamic policy that consist from 5 major components: Fingerprinting, behavior pattern analysis, rule creation, detection mode & enforcement.


Detects and prevents vulnerabilities at the application layer like command injection and buffer overflows. The DPI engine holds signatures that match the network devices and are updated by the cloud as new attacks are discovered.

Anomaly Detection

Detects and prevents anomalies (unusual behavior) in real time by analyzing existing network patterns.

Network Segmentation

Controls what devices are allowed to access the home network by defining segments based on anticipated device behavior.


Self-Optimizing for Optimal Customer Experience

MIR solution delivers uninterrupted use of connected devices, assuring smooth streaming of video, music and gaming by proactively prioritizing streams and eliminating interference.

Our service automatically analyzes every step in the chain—router, air, mesh, device—to detect and understand weak points, optimizing them autonomously for the best customer experience at all times.

The smart agent collects analytical data from millions of domains to learn about new types of malfunctions and behavior anomalies.

For each customer, it analyzes interferences and malfunctions in the connectivity domain, classifying the anomalies it finds using deep learning.

Upon finding any malfunction or anomaly, or even conditions leading up to it using our adaptive learning process, the service uses the dynamic knowledge-base to analyze and resolve the problem autonomously (in many cases) or to provide insightful analysis to the service center to speed up accurate resolution, averting equipment replacement and truck rolls.

Monitoring of Router Status and Health

  • WiFi monitoring
  • Performance monitoring

Ongoing WiFi Analysis

  • AP Saturation, channel quality, neighbor analysis
  • Cutoffs – measurement and root cause analysis

Quality Analysis

  • User experience evaluation and analysis by service/device/air

Proactive Measures

  • Adjusting parameters and priorities to assure the best quality of experience at all times
  • Adaptive learning by checking the effects of any change and adjusting accordingly

Home Connect

Upgrade your home with easy control and intelligent automation through a central GW and single APP.


The system assembles the information from all of your connected devices — including lights, locks, thermostats and sensors (based ZWAVE/Zigbee) — enabling them to work together seamlessly.


Geo-Services gives you added automation that responds based on your location. Have your thermostat automatically adjust when you leave for work or get a reminder if you forget to arm the security system when you drive away from home.


Watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer. Get video clips sent directly to you when the front door opens, the alarm goes off, or if motion is detected.


Not just for your smartphones or tablets anymore, you can also use Apple, Amazon and Google devices with your powered system. With a press of one button or a simple voice command, your home can easily perform any number of event automations.

Cloud NAS

Automatically backup/restore end user default folders (media/docs) on Cloud storage. The user will be able to manage access to the media/docs via app/cloud.

Cloud NAS is a modern, unified, distributed cloud NAS platform designed for high performance, reliability, secure and rich features.

Cloud NAS enables service providers to provide their customers with better control and automatically backup and restore over their data, ensuring compliance, security, and instant availability with rich features wherever there are.

Backup and Restore

Your users’ files and folders will be synced in real-time across all the devices and PCs that they link, using our Cloud NAS control application (zero-knowledge), automatically and synchronized while making sure it’s organized, safe and secure in one central place and can be accessed from anywhere.

Secure your data

Designed to secure all your data upload/download transfer connections from any device and store your users’ data with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key on-demand so only you can access it. Our cloud NAS platform promises zero object orphans and disaster recovery support. Furthermore, we support data versioning let you keep your modifications history.

Responding to ransom attacks

Cloud NAS helps your users protect against cyber data ransom hacking attacks by one-click-to restore feature. That way even if your OS was exposed to such attack no harm happened to the data on our cloud NAS.

Collaboration, Social and primum features

Share your data among your friends and family, create albums, playlists and watch videos together. Broadcast real-time streaming and share with the world.

Keeps you notified on any event/social activity such as comments, links, views and more, using a variety of communication channels (Push, Emails, SMS).

We believe in giving purpose to the data you possessed, by using feature and plugins we give more to do with you data.

With documents organization, camera to the cloud, music player plugins and more we make sure that your cloud won’t be a boring place.

Modern and clean design

Designed with your users needs in mind, we offer an intuitive user experience across any device. Share easily, efficiently, and with confidence. Don’t like our look and feel? Bring your own brand.

Advanced QoS

Service Providers can classify their own traffic (IPT, VoIP) and should never be impacted by the user traffic.

But high-QoE user traffic (video streaming) can impacted by low-QoE user traffic (file sharing), it can increase the number of the support calls (or churn).

With Advanced QoS user can improved quality of experience for best-effort OTT services in times of bandwidth congestion or other priority related degradation effects.

Use Advanced QoS classification data to sort and prioritize all best-effort traffic.


  Mobile APP

Heights Telecom provides iOS&Android APPs which helps customers manage and control their gateway

  • Support iOS & Android APPs
  • Support SDK with White-Label
  • Manage and control Heights Gateway
  • Self install & manage EasyMesh devices
  • Support Value add services:
  1. Parental control
  2. Advanced speed test
  3. Café-style WiFi access for guests
  4. Advanced QoS
  5. Diagnostics tools
  6. Router Health